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We are proud holders of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Sustainable Destination certification

We care passionately about the environment and the future, so we are proud to say that we hold both the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the Sustainable Destination certification.

We meet the environmental standards required of hotels holding the Nordic Swan label, for instance by using ecolabelled cleaning products and detergents, by reducing our consumption of disposable packaging, and by recycling many items such as tealight holders.

As far as possible we use locally sourced and produced ingredients.

Sustainable Destination certification involves taking a systematic, resort-wide approach to sustainability based on UNWTO’s 10 principles for the development of sustainable tourist destinations. As a Sustainable Destination, we are required to protect nature, culture and the environment, to uphold ethical social values, and to work towards economic sustainability.

At Scandinavian Resorts we are increasingly focused on sustainability and green options when creating our menus. We also have several zero-waste projects under way.